Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Picture

So, this is the 3rd project that I have completed...a "gypsy" ring. Its a poor picture, I know, but give my outdated cell phone a break. In my hand is the ring in a polishing cloth. Behind the ring you can see my bench pin, which I've modified slightly to make holding my work easier. On the bench surface behind the pin there are my files and a sanding stick, as well as a bottle of Vitamin Water.
Today I will be learning how to add textures to metal using my flex shaft, hammers, and possibly some burnishers. The key to adding any texture is deciding how long a finish will last. You can make a finish with sandpaper too, but it will probably be gone in a month. So, anything i do, I will have to think, "will this last 100 years?"
Tonight I will be going to Lab class, which is extra time in the shop from 4 to 7. It will be held every Tuesday night, and I plan to go every Tuesday regardless if I am behind or not. Any time spent with the Masters is time well spent.

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